Lena & Marcus, Ceremony @ HK Park

Lena & Marcus一位是德國人,一位是莫斯科人,選擇在香港結婚,可能就一就在香港工作的丈夫吧,在網上看到我的作品,就決定見面並落實選擇我,這是一個很簡單的婚禮,在酒店化妝,到紅棉路註冊,參予的來賓不多,但每位都能專注在新人的交流上,再外拍影點相,就在公園內的餐廳cocktail。卻有一個不簡單的interview,我記得那天我們約了去飲咖啡,過程卻像我在見工般對答,Marcus講了一些流程,問了一些問題,例如我覺得最滿意的作品在那個狀態影到?遇上不好的天氣如過應變等等,可能就是這些問題我能憑經驗的累積回應,就落訂找我了,雖然只是4小時的工作,過程卻很順利,感恩的不是多了一單生意,帶來了額外的一些零用去買下一枝鏡頭,卻是我們的交流,在短時間內建立的互信,過程的配合,Big day當日還特別鳴謝我的助手Icy,很Native的英語加上幾句德文,解決了我一邊要講英文一邊要影相的繁忙,連不懂英文的來賓都感到親和晒!

Lena & Marcus are a couple of Russian & German, they decided to get married in HK probably to match up with Marcus who working in HK. Elena was fascinated by my previous wedding album, and during the first meeting they decided to assign me as their wedding photographer.

 The wedding was simple but cozy, we met at the hotel where bride & groom get dressed up and headed to Cotton Tree Drive to sign the “Love Contract”. Though there were only small group of guests, all their attention are on the perfect couple. We did some outdoor shooting and followed by a little cocktail at the restaurant inside HK Park.

I remembered my first meeting with Marcus was like a job interview at a coffee shop. Marcus told me about their planned schedule and asked me several questions like: Which is my favourite piece of work and how did I get to that feeling? What would be the contingency plan if the weather is bad and so on… I answered all his questions and concerns based on my experience and I believe this was how we confirmed the deal.

In spite of only four-hour job, everything went well and smooth. I’m thankful not only for giving me extra pocket money to upgrade my gear, but what I treasure the most is the moment we communicate, the reliance on me and their taste are in harmony with mine.

And a special thank you to my assistant Icy, who speak good English plus German as a bonus. She helps me to keep my mind only focus on photo shooting and she did all the PR work.

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